About us

nielsTHE GLADIATOR WORKOUTS® with their exciting concept and set of 'ready-to-use' fitness workout formats is an inspiring training system. It is expertly designed to deliver overload and incentives to achieve results on physical goals like FAT BURNING, HORMONAL RESPONSE, CARDIOVASCULAR PROGRESSION, AFTERBURN, STRENGTH and ENDURANCE.

This is achieved by using workout formats and exercises that target and improve different energy systems as well as improve overall performance. YOU will gain body awareness and confidence as well as become stronger and less prone to injuries. The system is suited for ALL fitness levels and ages.

NOW is your chance to get fit FAST! Working out only 3 times per week for 20-25 minutes will cause dramatic changes in your physical abilities and looks. Follow the TRAIN HARD - EAT SMART guidelines and you will make amazing progress!

Are you a fitness professional?
Then there is more! THE GLADIATOR WORKOUTS® are a practical high intensity groupfitness and personal training training system, based on circuit, interval and supersetting and carefully designed to improve your clients fitness levels in the most functional and effective way. Certified instructors are skilled motivators and understand the need to let the clients experience fun and successful training in order to stay committed. They will be able to deliver high quality training and coaching. During the certification process you will learn a structured system that makes teaching a group or a client easy and successful. GET CERTIFIED.

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